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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer any discounts or offers for multiple tool users?

Yes, we can offer bespoke software packages for teams with multiple users. You will also benefit from a global dashboard so you can view results across the team. You can share templates – and even prospects – with our pooled prospects feature. To find out more about how Outreachly can automate prospecting for your entire team please schedule a call here.

How do I know if our business is suited to LinkedIn automated lead generation software?

If you have a LinkedIn profile with over 500 connections, and your ideal customer profile (ICP) is also a LinkedIn user then yes you will find value in our software. Our LinkedIn automated lead gen software is powered by AI and can select the most appropriate connection message based on the content on your prospect’s profile. This is the best way to ensure a more personalised approach to outreach and results in significantly higher connection rates.

Are we tied into a long contract after signing up with Outreachly?

No, our contact terms are clear and transparent. Our LinkedIn lead gen platform has monthly, quarterly, or 6 monthly payment terms. The longer the term, the more features and the more discount you will benefit from. All of our payments are managed online, and you can cancel at any time, depending on your chosen term.

Our No-Risk Done for you services have an initial onboarding stage with a one-time onboarding fee, with a 100% money-back if we fail to generate leads or meetings during the rolling 28-day period. We propose a fixed number of leads or meetings and the upfront cost of these can be paid over an agreed monthly term.

Do I need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator licence to use the software?

Yes, a Sales Navigator licence is highly recommended and it’s essential to use our LinkedIn lead generation software. The benefit of a Sales Navigator licence is that you can focus your searches more accurately, leading to more relevant content and messaging. If you choose one of our ‘Pay For Results’ services, a Sales Navigator licence is also required.

I have found other LinkedIn Automation software cheaper. Why is Outreachly’s better?

We pride ourselves on the quality, safety, and support of our platform, and you can have always-on prospecting from as little as $3 per day.

Our pricing is set at a very affordable level, but we recognise less feature-packed alternatives may be cheaper. So why are better? Our AI technology can be deployed to increase the connection rates of your LinkedIn outreach. With increased connection rates, you achieve more replies, with more replies you generate more leads and close more deals. Just a 5% increase in connection rates can increase your replies by a massive 25%!

Are there any other hidden charges or costs that I need to be aware of?

No there are no hidden charges or costs. We work hard to automate our processes to help us keep costs down and pass these savings onto our clients, so all of our software and services are paid for online.

Our LinkedIn automated lead generation software comes with a 1-month free trial, and no credit card is required, so you can try it before you buy!

What qualifies as a meeting for the ‘Pay For Results’ Booked Meetings service?

A qualifying meeting is a meeting booked from one of our campaigns directly into your diary using an online booking system. We help setup all of the software you need so we are able to track the number of meetings booked.  

How are meetings booked for the ‘Pay For Results’ Booked Meetings service?

The meetings are booked using a booking system such as Calendly, or an equivalent. Normally these are video calls and are exploratory or discovery-type meetings.

How do you identify prospects for ‘Pay For Results’ services?

The prospects for a meeting are identified from an approved LinkedIn search. This ensures that all recipients of our campaign content meet your ideal customer profile.

Is there a minimum investment for the ‘Pay For Results’ services?

If you choose our Positive Reply Service, there is a mandatory Onboarding process. Please check the Pricing page for the current pricing. At the end of the Onboarding process, we’ll agree on the number of leads and/or meetings for you based on your needs and our campaign plan. These will start with a minimum of 100 leads or 20 meetings

What if this doesn’t work?

We don’t stop until we’ve reached your investment amount. However, for complete peace of mind, if we do not generate any positive replies or meetings within a rolling 28-day period, we can refund you 100% of any unused balance.

Can I add more accounts?

Yes! You can add more LinkedIn accounts for our Positive Reply Service and this is highly recommended. This will create more positive replies, more quickly for you.

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